I have been a licensed private detective since 1995 and worked under a private detective in Schaumburg, Illinois since 1985.  My pride and love of this job shows in my work.

I do not used "trained" employees that are gungho to "get the job done anyway you can" just to get it done. I do the job myself, therefore guaranteeing it is done right.

Working for 10 years in the northwest suburbs of Chicago was an excellent training experience. I did bodyguard work for Mark Chestnut and Joe Diffey. I also did work for Ernie Rizzo, a famous detective that they called the "detective of the famous".

I have been hired by various owners of shops to install cameras to watch for employee theft and employees doing drugs while on the job. Some shops are owned by two individuals, and one wants to know if the other is stealing assets.

I have even been hired by a homeowner to install infrared cameras in a house that he owned in which he believed was haunted!!!

I handle a wide variety of investigations; child custody, spousal infidelity, parental fitness and fraud of insurance companies. Each investigation is tailored to fit your specific needs.

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